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Business Interpreting

This is the perfect solution for small groups, in which the interpreter listens to the speaker and translates face-to-face, after a short interval of time. The business interpreter acts as an intermediary between the speaker and the listener (or listeners). He/she is required to translate to and from both languages.

Business Interpreting is widely used for:

  • Commercial negotiations (meetings, business lunch/breakfast, etc.)
  • Factory tours
  • International Exhibitions
  • House/office viewing (real estate)
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Medical Interpreting

Medical information is extremely important.  Ensuring that the proper information is given will guarantee that the quality of life of the patient will be considered as the utmost priority.

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Legal Interpreting

Legal interpreting takes place in a legal setting such as a courtroom or an attorney's office, in which activities or proceedings related to law are conducted. Interpreters translate a few sentences at a time for their audience, alternating with the person who is talking, for maximum clarity. In addition to mastery of the source and target language, legal interpreters need an excellent working knowledge of law and court protocol.

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Whispering Interpreting or Chuchotage

Whispering Interpreting or Chuchotage

Chuchotage is a technique that consists of whispering the content of an ongoing conversation, meeting or speech into the ear of the recipient.

The interpreter is situated close to listener, and will whisper the translation to them while the speaker(s) continue to talk. The interpreter will render an accurate summary of what is being said, rather than producing a verbatim translation. This can only be truly effective if only a single listener requires interpretation.

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Translation Central is an ISO9001:2008 accredited organisation.
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